A Cornucopia of Unrelated Revelations

For something new, here is a cornucopia of unrelated revelations I have come across….

1.    I text when I drive?  My younger son gets crazy on me and points it out in the same way I’d point out a mistake or poor choice he’d make.  It doesn’t give me much credibility when I continue this dangerous and foolish behavior.

2.    Why is it that our kids seem so much more aware of life (e.g. sex) yet seem to mature later and leave the house even later?

3.    Does anyone have dinner parties anymore? read more

Just A Guy Saying There Are Winners and Losers

In our elementary schools and team sports for younger kids there seems to be this foolish desire to make everyone a winner.  But there are winners and losers.  They had assemblies at my kids’ elementary schools, several times a year, in which eventually every kid won an achievement award.  When I coached my young son’s coach-pitch baseball league, I was told at the end of the season to get trophies for everyone, including myself. Instead of enhancing self-esteem, the truth is this just diminishes any one child’s actual accomplishments. read more