My Wife Talks Back

No, I’m not writing about how my wife talks back to me, but rather giving her a chance to speak her mind after all these columns in which I’ve spoken for her.  To be fair (to me), I always run any column about her, by her, before publication.  That doesn’t mean I make any changes, but at least she has seen it.  Just kidding.  I do make changes she requests.  But, what I don’t do is “change” my behavior as much as she’d like.  So, that will be some of the focus of this interview:

Me:  So, honey, this is your chance to publicly clear the record, state your case, and have your voice heard (as a guest on my radio show, too), published, and otherwise represented.  Where would you like to start?

Wife:  Thank you dear, for the chance to correct all the misconceptions and complete inaccuracies you’ve written and talked about me.
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