Robbie Remmes in the Holy Bowly at Park City

On the last day of the season at Park City, I met a very cool skier and nice guy, Robbie Remmes. They had just held this crazy event called the Holy Bowly in both the half-pipe and this skate-park like snow area and we went in it. Well, he went in it and I video’d. Also watched Robbie get some air off one of the jumps higher up in the park and do some tricks on some obstacles. All-in-all, way cool!

The Park

A little Terrain Park action shot with my new GoPro HERO3+ at Park City. I didn’t do much because I don’t “play” in the park. I prefer the half-pipe but it was closed due to the Junior Olympics taking place there.

Top of the World #Skiing

This is my first skiing video with my new GoPro HERO3+ shot at Park City on March 12, 2014. It’s a trip up McConkey’s lift to the top of the mountain and then the ride down from the bowl at the top to the bumps under the chair to the corduroy at the bottom. What I mean by “real time” is that none of the video is sped up (to be clear when you see the text in the video).

Instagram Reveals Who We Are

Cartoon about Instagram

Instagram is one of those new platforms that have been an instant success. Like most new things, I tend to wait and get aboard only when I have to – I’m forced to – or really, when I finally get over my anxiety about learning it. Now, I love using it and I share really important things via the photos I take with my phone. Things such as what I’m eating for breakfast, hundreds of photos of Simon (my dog), and my feet, when I’m napping.

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Anatomy of the Golf Swing: My Wife

Outside of me, our boys, and her family, my wife loves three things: golf Golf and GOLF. She finally got me to begin…with “begin” being the operative word. Though this game doesn’t really suit my temperament, it is fun and quite difficult. Enjoy these short clips, in real time, slow-mo, and high speed of my wife’s golf swing, off the tee!


The Olympics and #Sports at #DadChat with @SmashFit

It’s Olympics time again. We are deluged with commercials and hours and hours of important sports events such as archery, badminton, and rowing oh, and let’s not forget table tennis! What was once a pure “Amateur” world event now has Roger Federer and Kobe competing. How sports have affected all of us was this week’s #DadChat topic. Are you one of those over-bearing soccer parents? Do you live vicariously through your kids athletic endeavors? We talked about all this Thursday, August 2 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PT. We also discussed the P&G commercials in The Olympics. They were invited to join #DadChat but did not show up. If interested, here is the full transcript.

Heather Frey aka @SmashFit was our co-host!

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