The #ShaunWhiteSupplyCo Twitter Party IS October 12

Shaun White in the air!

Do you skateboard? Do your kids? Want that perfect skateboard at the perfect price? We’ve got it! And the ShaunWhiteSupplyCo is making it!

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, we ALL know who Shaun White is and how amazing he’s performed in The Olympics, The X-Games, and in so many other contests. He does it on land and on snow. He’s fearless. And, yes, I was his guru. Just kidding.

Join us Friday, October 12 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m., ET – for giveaways, skateboard talk, extreme sports talk, and Shaun White possibly joining the fun. No promises; the dude is busy! Use the hashtag, #ShaunWhiteSupplyCo. Scroll to the end of this post to RSVP so you are eligible for the many fun prizes we’ll be giving away! We will be giving away (2) $25 (2) $50 (1) $100 Walmart gift cards!

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Do We Teach Our Kids How to Make Good Decisions?

One of the many things that we try to teach our children is how to make good decisions.  Sometimes the problem can be that we may not always make good decisions ourselves or we may allow emotions to influence our choices.  I found this to be true in a recent argument I had with my older son and a latter discussion about an important choice he wanted to make.

The argument was about his last-minute decision to back out of his promise to come skiing with me over Winter Break, preferring instead to stay home with his friends (and girlfriend). I got angry as he made this decision days before we were supposed to leave, thus leaving me high and dry with little time to find a friend to come in his place.  My wife and other son were already scheduled to go on a very special trip to Japan and Hong Kong.

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