Why I LOVE to Ski and Why You Should

This photo was taken by my GoPro helmet cam.
Note that the skis are in the air in the foreground, the jump landing is ahead,
and the shadow of the skier – your author- is on the right. My favorite ski shot in years!

When I was about twelve years old my parents sent me to a Winter Ski Camp at Mammoth Mountain, California. Those were the days – yeah, I’m dating myself – of wooden skis, cable bindings, and lace-up boots. I had a blast. Loved it.

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What Does the First Year of Marriage Portend?

Dennis Prager, one of the most influential men in my life, spoke on his talk show recently about the impact of a first year of marriage. He asked if an easy, successful first year or a difficult, hard first year were indicative of the long-term success of the marriage?  He didn’t take a position either way, allowing callers to offer their stories, which were both positive and negative about the impact of their first years on their marriages.

As I’m about to survive, I mean celebrate, my first year of my second marriage, it raised some questions for me, worthy of thought.  Our first year has been both wonderful and rough, in many unforeseen ways, and I’ve wondered what it means for our future.  read more