Just A Guy Whose Son Asks to Drop Out of High School!

Our teens love to surprise us with their latest brilliant idea and my 16-year-old didn’t disappoint the other day. Almost literally waiting at the door for my return home, he accosted me with the urgency only a hormonal teen can bring.  “Dad, I hate high school and want to drop out and do independent study,” he declares.

I think I would’ve preferred, “Hey Dad, whas up?”

We sat down and he began his pitch.  The fact that all this followed a recent social disaster at school he quickly dismissed as irrelevant.  His rationale was that he is totally bored in high school, his teachers are boring, none of what he’s learning interests him, and he’d rather go back to home-schooling or “independent study,” as they call it at his high school.

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Falling Between the Cracks – The Secret World of Home Schooling!

This is an old column of mine, but I thought I’d resurrect it given a recent tweet I read about home schooling.  It was an extraordinary and very valuable experience for my son (and me).

I’ve recently become exposed to a secret world.  One in which mere mortals rarely can glimpse.  This world is populated by strange, passionate humans who apparently see things in a different light from the rest of us.  They also reek of happiness and contentment.  They appear to be eclectic in their approach to life and their children are like mini Renaissance Men and Women.  No, I’m not talking about a cult, Scientology, or even Hollywood but, gulp, the underground world of home schooling! read more