Parental Hypocrisy is Not a Good Parenting Style


I’m an avid skier and this past season I took on a role I never expected. I became the “helmet police,” whenever I saw people not wearing a helmet.  I did my police work in a polite, respectful manner, but I couldn’t help but get a bit more passionate when I confronted “Parental Hypocrisy” in its finest: with skiing parents and their kids. Parental Hypocrisy is not taught in Parenting Classes or is a recommended Parenting skill or style.

It is amazing to me how many moms and dads will demand and require their children wear a helmet while not wearing one themselves.  What are they teaching their children?  So, being the shy, retiring guy that I am, I will ask these moms and dads what they think about asking their children to wear a helmet, while not modeling that behavior.  Sometimes I get sheepish responses; sometimes I get “it’s none of your business” responses, and sometimes I just get blank looks.

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A Dirty Little Parenting Secret

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Let’s call it “Dramatic license,” as I totally adore my family and wouldn’t trade them or my life with anyone else, but at this moment, time, and place, I don’t like them very much.Just as movies often put up a title card that says, “Based On a True Story,” and we know the filmmakers may be playing loose with the facts, so it is with this column.  Sibling rivalry is prevalent but, it’s my “dirty little parenting secret” that not only do siblings fight but parents occasionally just don’t like one kid or another, every now and then.

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Just A Guy Who Loves His Kids the Way Everyone in the World Does!

I just returned from a magnificent trip to the Canary Islands, Morocco, and Portugal.  Last year, I visited Africa on my honeymoon.  Both trips were exotic, both trips had their highs and lows, and both trips taught me yet again the universality of parental love. I re-learned I’m just a guy who loves his kids more than he ever knew he could.

It doesn’t matter where you live, how much money you have, what you do for a living, we all care about our children.  My kids worry about having the newest cell-phone, trendiest clothes, and other really important stuff while the kids in the medina in Fez, Morocco were worrying about selling their cart of cookies or looking for a hand-out (that they really needed).

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