The Evolution of Technology: The Answering Machine

The Evolution of Technology series continues with The Answering Machine. Professor David E. Weber will largely write this column, with an introduction and closing by me. I have to include a short video of a message that Professor left – years ago – which he probably doesn’t even remember leaving on his answering machine.

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The Evolution of Technology: Vinyl Records

I still have all my old records, along with vintage movie posters (photo by Bruce Sallan)

The Record Store and Vinyl Records AKA Bruce’s Guide to the Evolution of Technology and His Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby*

With Guest Co-Author, Professor David E. Weber

The Evolution of Technology series continues with the record store and vinyl records, aka lps, records.  Going to the record store now seems such a quaint memory, sort of like the Beav going to the soda fountain.  But, vinyl records and record stores were a big part of our lives back in the day!

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