Patience Is My Middle Name

First, a disclaimer. It seems the reactions to my families’ nicknames has been mixed from readers. I respect my readers and I also got the same feedback from a new friend, via this column, in Australia. Isn’t the Internet amazing? So, hereafter, I will dispense with the nicknames. My wife is Loren, my older son is Will, and my younger one is David. And, I love them dearly.

I’m sure you catch just a little sarcasm in the title of today’s column. Patience has and is my biggest personal struggle. With me, with others, with the world at large. You’d think that having kids would moderate that poor characteristic. And, I suppose, to some degree it has. But, in general, this is my Achilles heel. read more

Just A Guy Dating With Kids

When is it time to introduce your kids to your new “friend,” someone you’ve been dating a while, and when is it okay for them to sleep over?  One is relatively simple, in this dad’s opinion, the other more dicey.

It’s easy when you have split custody; date, have sex, do it all when the kids are with the ex.  It’s not so easy if you have the kids all the time (as I did).  Then, the choice is a secret life or earlier introduction than the therapists all advise (and, remember, every therapist has a dysfunctional family, so why are you listening to them).  It’s not good for the kids if you are not happy. So, as with most things in life, there’s a middle ground on when to make that introduction. read more