What the #DadChat!

Well, the day if finally upon us. Yes, Guy Kawasaki IS hosting #DadChat this Thursday, May 17 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PST. It WILL be the biggest #DadChat ever, I promise, plus full of useful information from this iconic figure. We will be talking about his latest book, “What the Plus!” as well as HIS experiences being the father of four. My latest column Is GLEE Gay? takes on Hollywood and its agenda by comparing “Glee” with “Modern Family.” Please weigh in with your comments. I hope you are loving the evolving I’m NOT That Dad vlogs with #15 coming up soon! Please check ’em out as well as the great artwork and fun stories in the Because I Said So comic strips.


There’s no doubt that I’m really wading into it with the title of this column. I was reflecting on the end of this season of Glee and the only other television series that I watch regularly, Modern Family. I enjoy both show but do wonder if they have an agenda as to the message they want to put across.

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