Why Don’t Couples Tell the Truth?


A scenario: two couples are going out for dinner together. As each couple is getting ready they have a typical marital fight. It escalates on the drive to meet the other couple at the lovely restaurant they’re going to. When they arrive, they each angrily slam the door on the car and storm into the restaurant. Upon seeing the other couple, happy faces appear, and they end up having a nice evening.

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Mom Bloggers vs. Dad Bloggers

I’ve decided to walk into very dangerous waters. It’s not that I haven’t done it before, especially when I “took on” the Occupy movement! That generated a LOT of comments and a whole lotta controversy. Taking on those “protesters” is easy in comparison with takin’ on the moms; specifically mom bloggers!

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What’s New on Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. Who’s YOUR Daddy? What’s new? I have posted my reflections on being a dad – Things I’ve Loved and Learned – this Father’s Day. Look for the new Because I Said So comic on Thursday, also in honor of Father’s Day. And, #DadChat is doing The Change Challenge with @SmashFit and inviting the #FriendsOfRicki to join us. Speaking of the #FriendsOfRicki, I am their “Friend of the Week” this week! How cool is that? Will be posting a new I’m NOT That Dad vlog tomorrow. Do you think I have enough links in this short update?

Give a Kid a Shot@Life

I always seem to tout #DadChat in this section of my site. Why? Because I believe it can be  a force for good. No better example is tomorrow evening’s #DadChat, when we’re support a great organization Shot@Life. We will be auctioning off a trip to Vegas and two iPod shuffles. Please join us tomorrow, Thursday May 31, from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT. Other than that, no news – just be sure to check out the latest Because I Said So comic, my date night vlog for I’m NOT That Dad, and my regular columns. Oh, have you signed up for my weekly newsletter? You’ll simply receive a once-a-week email with the goings-on here and at #DadChat – NO spam or your money back!

Ten Elementary Differences Between Men and Women, Part One

For this post I easily could have listed 500 or more, as the number of differences between the sexes is vast. Note that I used the word, “Sexes,” rather than gender. I hate the word, “Gender” almost as much as I hate being Politically Correct! So, a disclaimer: If you are a Professor of Women’s Studies you might want to go visit Gloria Steinem’s web site.

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Can You Read Your Wife’s Mind

Is this not one of those eternal issues between men and women? What husband hasn’t been expected to read his wife’s mind? What woman doesn’t believe that if her husband REALLY loved her, he’d know just what she wants? Have I got your attention yet?

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