Changing Directions

Conan O'Brian

If you’ve been following my columns over the years, you’ve followed my parental journey as my boys got older, as I got older, as I re-married, and as I’m doing more and more in new and old media. It’s been quite a trip and now I’m going to take another fork in the road.

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Life–Wait a Minute! It WILL Change!

There’s a lesson that is told in most cultures. In Canada, it’s about the weather: Wait a minute and it will change.  Or, most everywhere on the good or bad in life; “This too shall pass.”  All are so true.  Right now, our family is going through both some ups and downs.  I try to remember the latter adage during the “down” periods and not expect the “up” ones to always last.

Sticking with the clichéd sayings, there is another that is credited to Rabbi Joseph Telushkin’s mother that goes something like, “The only happy people I know are people I don’t know well.”  Think about it. When you know someone well, you usually know his or her troubles.  When you don’t, you invariably get the proverbial answer “Good” or “Terrific” to the greeting “How are you?”

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