Seven Days Without My iPhone

No photo-editing. This image was real! The pilot playing after dropping us off.

Note: This column was written while on vacation – heli-skiing – during the first week of April, 2012. And, in fact it was nine days…

I have just embarked on a heli-skiing trip to the Cariboo Mountains. I chose NOT to bring my iPhone. First, I had thought there was no reception at the lodge. Second, every time I go to Canada I incur stupid charges that piss me off. And, third, I thought it would be a great experiment to go without it.

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Am I Crazy to go Heli-Skiing with Avalanche Warnings


Our tracks up high above tree-line in The Adamants

Okay, the answer to the title question lies above. THAT is the beauty of what we see when we go heli-skiing. More people die from lightning and far more from car crashes than die in avalanches. I say GO FOT IT. We are renting those new avi-parachutes that release IF you get in an avalanche and help keep you above the snow. They’ve saved two lives this season already if you’ve seen the news.

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Why I LOVE to Ski and Why You Should

This photo was taken by my GoPro helmet cam.
Note that the skis are in the air in the foreground, the jump landing is ahead,
and the shadow of the skier – your author- is on the right. My favorite ski shot in years!

When I was about twelve years old my parents sent me to a Winter Ski Camp at Mammoth Mountain, California. Those were the days – yeah, I’m dating myself – of wooden skis, cable bindings, and lace-up boots. I had a blast. Loved it.

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