Parents ARE Only As Happy As Their Least Happiest Child

I was walking with a good friend who shared the ongoing problems he and his wife were having with one of their children.  It was a serious problem.  It was clear, on his face and demeanor, how troubled he was.  I know him well and I know he is a good parent, an attentive one, a caring one, and a smart one.  Yet, nothing they seem to do is helping with this one particular child, a young adult really, and it was clear that this situation was at risk of consuming their lives.

That old saying: parents are only as happy as their least happiest child, occurred to me when this friend was telling me the latest drama from their kid.  I wanted to offer a solution, but knowing everything he and his wife have already tried, all I could offer was solace and gentle concern that they may be allowing their child to damage their other immediate family relationships.  Sadly, he agreed.

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