Guy Kawasaki co-hosts #DadChat

Last night we had a fun #DadChat (read the transcript) talking about reading our spouse’s minds and what we fight about. Next week is our 1-year anniversary with very special co-host, Guy Kawasaki. Mark your calendars for April 12, 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST so you don’t miss . I love the new Because I Said So comic, Dad Does the Laundry. Guy Kawasaki! Also, for a run and oh-too-real video, enjoy Road Trip, the latest “I’m NOT That Dad” vlog. I’m finishing up my heli-skiing trip – today is our last full day of skiing. If you’d like to see a bit of videos, go to the DadsPov YouTube Channel. Finally, are you Staying In the Loop? All you have to do to get our weekly newsletter is sign up above! NO spam, NO solicitations, just a short once-a-week newsletter!

Family Fitness, Are YOU a #SocialMedia Addict?

Family Fitness IS the #DadChat topic this week with fitness experts Carla Birnberg and Jacqueline Carly co-hosting! Put on your sweats and join us Thursday at 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST. Are YOU a #SocialMedia Addict is the question I ask in this week’s column. Take the test if you dare! Speaking of #DadChat, mark your April calendar for the 12th when Guy Kawasaki is our very special guest host, in honor of our 1-year anniversary! I hope you’re watching my new I’m NOT That Dad vlogs? I’m having so much fun making them and tomorrow’s is all about exercise – well, sort of. Watch and laugh! Reminder: Stay In the Loop with our weekly newsletter. Sign up on the home page. No spam, just a simple weekly update on our going-ons!

The Inaugural Dad 2.0 Summit Was a Hit

Guy Kawasaki

I’m sitting in the airport in Austin, Texas while the final party of the Dad 2.0 Summit is likely ranging at Stubbs BBQ in downtown, Austin. The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind of networking, meeting new and virtual friends, and digesting enough information to fill a textbook on Social Media, Branding, Writing, and Building an audience for your website.

And, that was just at the welcome party!

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