Boston Explosion: Empathy & Grief

Victim of Boston Explosion getting help

I am writing this on the morning after the Boston bombings, so much will be uncovered in the days between this writing and publication. But, this column is not about the who and why of the Boston bombings. It’s about the role Social Media plays in our lives today and how empathy and grief come to bear during these events. It’s also about why we must teach our children well to care about others and reach out in tough times to those in need.

Note: Please listen to or download our special radio show, The Boston Bombings and Our Kids, in which Dr. Weberman offers excellent tips for parents about how to handle such an issue with our kids, and we hear from Pastor Drew Sams with a spiritual viewpoint, and Cheryly LeBon giving a political perspective. 

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Review of “The Boys Are Back”

The Boys Are Back is a small independent film, shot and set entirely in South Australia, directed by Scott Hicks (who did “Shine”) and starring Clive Owen and all unknowns, including two child actors who were pivotal in the “inspired by a true story” film.

My wife and I went to a preview and had a spirited discussion about it over dinner later.  It didn’t help that there was a Q&A afterward with the director and Clive Owen in which my wife was practically drooling.  Okay, he is one handsome dude.  Plus, he was articulate and gracious.  In other words, completely hate-able. read more