When Is Rude, Rude?

UPDATE: As this column has generated such interest, comments, and other feedback, I am writing a Boomer Parenting Tips article on “Tech Manners” for BoomerTechTalk.com.  But, I also found some more photos that I thought were just plain fun…scroll down to the bottom of this column to view them!

Photo courtesy of sheknows.com 

Every generation seems to have its standards of proper behavior and every generation tends to judge the next generation by their own generation’s standards.  How often does a parent say something like, “When I was your age, we never did…” or “If I did that, my parents would…” I found myself doing exactly that when some good friends whom I like very much came over for a visit. These are long-standing friends so the incidents I’m describing must be understood in that context. While I found certain behavior a tad off-putting, I value these friends very much.  So, if these “friends” happen to read this column and figure out that it’s them I’m loosely describing, please know that I care for you very much. Plus, I’ve taken slight dramatic license in the same way that movies do when they say, “Based on a true story.” In this story I ask the question, when is rude, rude?

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