Just A Guy Wanting His Sons to be Men

Does anyone remember when men were men?  When boys looked up to their fathers and other men and wanted to be men just like them in their “manly ways.”  Now, with elementary education completely hijacked by women, there’s been a systematic change in how boys are educated and raised.  When is the last time you saw a male teacher in elementary school?  Do you really think the self-esteem movement has done anything but diminish any real accomplishments? Father just want their sons to be men.

Why are boys dropping out of high school at a much greater rate than girls?  Why is the percentage of young men entering college now substantially less than young women?  Why are boys in elementary school made to read books about subjects that are clearly of a female nature/subject vs. the books they’d organically choose to read? read more

Just A Guy Forgetting Everything

Okay, girls, it isn’t just you during pregnancy or menopause that keeps forgetting everything (or so it seems).  I’m suffering it and I only was pregnant once!  Seriously, I’ve been fond of saying for the past decade or so, that the only thing I remember is what I had for breakfast.  And, the only reason I remember that is because I have the same thing every day.

Does anyone believe those advertised memory supplements work?  I can’t remember anyone’s name.  My wife’s name literally is one letter’s difference from my ex-wife’s name.  It took nearly two years before I stopped calling her by my ex’s name.  All the bruises I suffered as a result, and I couldn’t blame her. read more

Will the Kids Ever Leave?

What an interesting contemporary question: will the kids ever leave? I left home at sixteen to go away to college and never returned, except for visits. I stayed close to my parents, and they did help me financially through college, though I worked every summer to supplement my education expenses and pay for my own spending. ShortRib (my wife) and I wonder when will our kids be independent enough to afford to leave?

The other day I talked with a mother who has two teenage daughters. One is graduating from high school this year while the other has two more years to go. I asked what were their plans, and had she discussed it with her husband, and I was surprised to hear she had no clue. Neither she, her husband, or the kids really knew where the girls were heading, especially when it came to the idea of supporting themselves with a real job, after college. read more