Be Careful What You Say or Write #SocialMedia

Caution - Social Media Danger

Recently, I wrote a column that apparently angered some readers as well as a dear friend of mine. Upon reflection, I realized that I probably have diarrhea of the mouth (or pen) and, sort of like Tourette syndrome I sometimes don’t censor my thoughts very well. I’ve since deleted that column. So, as a sort of penance and caution to others, I’m writing this column to encourage THINKING before speaking whatever comes to your mind, or hitting “publish” without careful reflection.

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Why Don’t You Do ALL That Social Media Offers?

I’ve written and spoken many times about how overwhelming all the new Social Media and Technology can be and feel. Yet, I use more new and old media, I suspect, than any other blogger (I’m aware of). And, it’s not that hard. Let’s explore what they all are and ask why YOU are not taking advantage of these amazing tools. Most of them are free and most of them are easy. What is hard is taking that first step and plunging in!

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Essentials on #SEO, #Communication, Social Media, #Technology, Money, and More


Between our The Evolution of Technology blog series and my other weekend technology columns, I’ve found that writing about technology and Social Media is not only fun but I bring, just as I do with my parenting writing, a unique point-of-view. How? Because: I’m NO EXPERT. I use and experience technology as a layman, but express it as a writer. My parenting “expertise” is exactly the same.

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Do You Employ Effective Communication?

I’m old enough to remember using rotary phones, having a pen pal, and Black and White TV with no remote, or a remote that was wired and did almost nothing. My boys have grown up with computers, Facebook, music “sharing” first with Napster and then so many others, Twitter, and Social Media. How they communicate is so much different than when I was their age. How we all communicate now is so varied. Do you think you employ effective communication?

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Radio Show SPECIAL – Online Safety and Our Kids

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Featured guests:

Dabney Porte, Britt Michaelian, Andrea Vahl, and Tshaka Armstrong
This is a very special show discussing the importance of parents being completely aware of what their children are doing online. It covers many of the major platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and we offer practical tips and advice for parents that are not tech savvy. This is a must-listen for all parents who have kids who go online…in other word, ALL parents.

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