Cup of Coffee: It Really is About Communication

Caffeine facts and information

When I grew up there were coffee shops, not places that more or less exclusively served coffee and snacks. Coffee shops were diners and casual restaurants, which often had counters with stools for individuals. There was a local chain of them in our area that my family loved to frequent. Now, it’s fast food and Starbuck’s. But does a cup of coffee mean communication or just a cup ‘o joe while surfing the web, sitting alone, and isolated? Is it just the older retired people who actually meet at the local coffee spot to talk and people watch?

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Essentials on #SEO, #Communication, Social Media, #Technology, Money, and More


Between our The Evolution of Technology blog series and my other weekend technology columns, I’ve found that writing about technology and Social Media is not only fun but I bring, just as I do with my parenting writing, a unique point-of-view. How? Because: I’m NO EXPERT. I use and experience technology as a layman, but express it as a writer. My parenting “expertise” is exactly the same.

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Radio Show: #Communication, Money and Our Kids

Exploring communication, money and our kids.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Featured guests:
Wayne Levine ( for “The Men’s Room.”
Pastor Drew Sams ( for “Teen Rap.”
Special Guest, Allana Pratt (IntimateConversationsLive)  for “The Women’s Room”

This show is loosely based on this week’s “A Dad’s Point-of-View” column, Communication and Money: How to Communicate with your Kids about Money.

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