Cup of Coffee: It Really is About Communication

Caffeine facts and information

When I grew up there were coffee shops, not places that more or less exclusively served coffee and snacks. Coffee shops were diners and casual restaurants, which often had counters with stools for individuals. There was a local chain of them in our area that my family loved to frequent. Now, it’s fast food and Starbuck’s. But does a cup of coffee mean communication or just a cup ‘o joe while surfing the web, sitting alone, and isolated? Is it just the older retired people who actually meet at the local coffee spot to talk and people watch?

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The Evolution of Technology: #Coffee

The Evolution of Technology blog series is written by Bruce Sallan and Professor David E. Weber

Our series continues with the evolution of home coffee machines. Is there anything more ubiquitous in our lives? Oh yeah, television…but we did that already. How often do you buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks? Ever think about what that costs on an annual basis? We’ll look at that but, first let’s hear from Professor Weber.

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Do We Have Anything in Common?

While on a recent skiing trip, I had a casual dinner with casual friends, including a couple that had been married, divorced, and were now dating again. As is so often the case, on the surface, they looked great together, so it seemed natural that the conversation went in the direction of “why did you two break up?” and whether or not they had anything in common.

The woman laughed and said, “it’s a long story,” at which point she began, without missing a beat, telling it to us.  It boiled down to the simple fact that she and her partner really enjoyed each other but basically had nothing in common.  He liked adventure trips, she liked resorts, he liked aggressive skiing and starting first thing, she liked a relaxing breakfast, followed by a leisurely time getting ready to go out, he wanted kids, she didn’t, etc.

It was almost comical and, in fact, they were laughing at each other and ultimately acknowledged all they really had together was a general feeling of comfort and familiarity.

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