Pray for Boston at #DadChat with @CarrieWilkerson

Boston Bombings - pray for boston
Pray for Boston. Our original topic has taken an instant backseat to the news. What happened in Boston – the Boston Bombings, The Boston Explosion, happened to ALL of us. Talking about this among ourselves and most importantly how to talk to our children is of utmost importance and immediacy. Join us this Thursday, April 18 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. with @CarrieWilkerson, returning again as our co-host as we discuss this important topic — for ourselves and for our children.
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A #DadChat Record

Last Thursday’s #DadChat was not only fun, informative, but we had our biggest one yet  – a DadChat record – with co-host @CarrieWilkerson: over 26,000,000 MILLION Impressions! Here is the transcript with every tweet and the stats. New column is up – is the secret is out about making money online? Who really is? I open up my veins and expose my plans in this regard! I hope you’re enjoying my I’m NOT That Dad vlogs. The tenth is posted. And, I invite YOU to vlog for us in this invitation. I believe that video blogs – aka vlogs – will be the Next Thing. Check mine out. Try it…

#DadChat Is Having It All

Got a couple fun, new columns up this week. Seven Days Without My iPhone was my true adventure and the REAL challenge I faced on my recent heli-skiing trip. After seeing the new DisneyNature film “Chimpanzee,” I was inspired to write An Ironic Father-Son Story #IRL. You will immediately understand the title upon reading the column. We’ve got great guests lined up for #DadChat, with The Barefoot Executive, Carrie Wilkerson coming this Thursday, April 19 and Mack Collier of #blogchat joining us the following Thursday, April 26. Please don’t forget to mark your calendar for May 17, when Guy Kawasaki is our very special co-host. I hope you’re enjoying my vlogs – the 10th one will be posted tomorrow in the I’m NOT That Dad area. And, stay tooned for the next Because I Said So comic in which dad lets one out…so to speak…this one again taking place at the gym.