Ski-Racing – a Bird’s Eye View

Recently, at Canyons Resort in Utah, they hosted ski-racing and a snowboard-cross race. It was considered a World Cup-class course and the crashes were evidence of its difficulty. I was lucky enough to have press access, meet many of the racers, and actually “run” the course a couple of times. This video of ski-racing was taken with my GoPro held by my chest-mount. It gives a great sense of what it is like to ski or ride such a course. But, imagine it at double the speed. To see more videos and more about Canyons Resort, look at and enjoy, How Skiing Can Cure Cancer.

How Skiing Can Cure Cancer

Bruce on #SBX race course at Canyons Resort - skiing can cure cancer

There’s no question that I’m addicted to skiing. Happily, it’s been a healthy love affair. And, lucky for me, I’ve had the opportunity to ski far and wide, from heli-skiing at the infamous Bugaboos in British Columbia to skiing in Chamonix and Zermatt. But, without a doubt, the best skiing and snow in the world is right here at home. And, with a recent move, I’ve discovered the ski resort of my dreams in Canyons Resort in Utah.

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The Canis Lupus Redux – An Awesome Ski Run at Canyons Resort in Utah

The Canis Lupus is a natural half-pipe at Canyons Resort in Utah. Skiing it is a kick beyond belief. The Canis Lupus is a mile-long, curving, amazing chute that is simply awesome and scary as can be. I love it. This particular time, I held my poles in one hand, my iPhone gloveless in the other and did this particular video all in one take. You can clearly hear my excitement along with hearing my son’s singing my radio show theme song. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did skiing it!

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