My Son Has The Swine Flu – A Daily Journal

NOTE:  I am not a doctor and this column is not intended to be giving medical advice.  It is about my experience with my son and the swine flu, and my belief that the media may have exaggerated and scared the public about its risks. Regardless, you should take every precaution, consult your doctor if there are any symptoms, and to secure proper information, go to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) web-sites –

We just learned that our older son, Will, has the swine flu.  Fortunately, we didn’t panic or allow the hysteria of the msm (mainstream media) to scare us to death.  His first reaction was simply, “Darn, I’m going to miss Halloween.” I believe our media have become hysteria mongers, as well as all too often focusing on their agenda vs. objective reporting.  They devote way too much time to subjects unworthy of so much coverage such as the balloon boy or the tragic deaths of celebrities. read more

Just A Guy Forgetting Everything

Okay, girls, it isn’t just you during pregnancy or menopause that keeps forgetting everything (or so it seems).  I’m suffering it and I only was pregnant once!  Seriously, I’ve been fond of saying for the past decade or so, that the only thing I remember is what I had for breakfast.  And, the only reason I remember that is because I have the same thing every day.

Does anyone believe those advertised memory supplements work?  I can’t remember anyone’s name.  My wife’s name literally is one letter’s difference from my ex-wife’s name.  It took nearly two years before I stopped calling her by my ex’s name.  All the bruises I suffered as a result, and I couldn’t blame her. read more