Speaking Engagements

About Bruce

Bruce Sallan is known globally as a parenting speaker and writer. He brings upbeat energy and perspective to your organization for speaking engagements. The subject matter can be as varied as the content of his columns.  Bruce has insight and opinions on things such as parenting, marriage and divorce, and single parent dating, to name a few.

Bruce’s Inspiration

Bruce draws his expertise and themes from real life. As a single father of two boys and a husband for a second (and hopefully last) time, he has seen a lot! He also comes from an entertainment background, giving him a whole other realm of material and knowledge to share. Bruce’s vast experience comes through in his writing and as a parenting speaker.

Bruce as Parenting Speaker

Bruce loves being a parenting speaker and his speaking engagements can take many forms.  He can be a member of a panel, speak on his own, or lead groups in parenting or other forums.  He’s equally open to speaking to men or women-only groups and welcomes the gender differences dialogue.

Whether you’re a parent, an editor, or a publisher, please read his columns, along with the comments. The articles are his “voice,” as he writes and speaks from the heart. His goal is to share insights and offer positive encouragement to help parents with the many challenges they are met with.

Bruce’s Work

Here is a link to a 23-minute audio interview of Bruce on a syndicated radio show:

Below you’ll find a clip of guest spots on momlogic.com webcasts.

You can find Bruce on many other sites around the web. Here are a few:

If you have any questions, or are interested in inviting Bruce to speak, please feel free to contact us.

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