A #DadChat Sponsorship Puts Brands Ahead

Make a #DadChat Sponsorship a part of YOUR Marketing Strategy

A #DadChat sponsorship offers the perfect demographic and organic topics suitable to so many brands, products, and people. After all, marketing has evolved. It used to be all about commercials and ads in newspapers. But now, like just about everything else, marketing has become internet-centric. Now you can reach millions more people than ever before from all corners of the globe via social media marketing. And you can do it for a lot less than it costs to create and place traditional advertising. A #DadChat Sponsorship via Tweet Chat is one of the newest social media marketing phenomena.

Tweet Chats are organized Twitter conversations. They revolve around a general theme or topic that is inherent in the name of the Tweet Chat. The chats are designated with a “#” followed by the name of the subject, which could be as generic and broad as “#chocolate” or specific as “#DadChat.”

Why should you utilize a #DadChat Sponsorship? Popular Tweet Chats reach millions of people in the span of one hour at a regular designated weekly time. They create unprecedented buzz via word-of-mouth that commercials and more traditional forms of advertisement only wish they could obtain. Simply mentioning your business during #DadChat will result in noticeable revenue boosts in a matter of minutes.

#DadChat SponsorshipsLet’s do a simple comparison between a billboard and a Tweet Chat – both of which rely on “Impressions” to gauge their value. How easy is it upon seeing a billboard to actually interact with the brand or product depicted? With a tweet during a #DadChat Sponsorhip, for instance, you can literally hit a link to product immediately. When a sponsor has a representative present, participants can ask questions directly of the brand/product. Billboards hardly provoke interaction.

Plus, with a #DadChat Sponsorship there is a transcript posted in which participants can go back and check anything they want again, follow anyone they may have missed, and generally stay connected to the topic/chat even if they missed that specific #DadChat “Live” hour.

There are links directly to YOUR product, YOUR brand, etc. The life of the tweets continue well beyond the designated hour of a chat since tweets are regularly re-tweeted by dedicated and interested followers of a regular weekly Tweet Chat.

#DadChat has its weekly time slot in the same manner as a hit TV show does. Unlike a one-off Twitter Party, which requires marketing from A-Z, you already have an audience that regularly attends #DadChat. And, in the case of #DadChat that demographic is the buying consumers – the families most brands and products seek!

Additionally, #DadChat and all its ancillary media links (see #DadChat Sponsorship Kit) can be integrated and synergized in a complete promotional campaign. The options include just a #DadChat sponsorship or the additional new and old media layers that only Bruce Sallan provides.

What is also unusual about #DadChat is that the participants are equally dads AND moms. This does not hold true for mom-centric blogs or chats. But, for some gender reason, the #DadChat audience and all of Bruce Sallan’s following is almost equally split between men and women.

#DadChat garnered nearly 700,000,000 million Impressions in 2012. It averages 100-300 participants per week, 1,200+ tweets (that’s one every 3 seconds for 60 minutes), a reach at or above 1,000,000, and upwards of 10,000,000 impressions EACH week. It is without a doubt one of the most popular Tweet Chats and the one with the BEST demographic, period!

Every Thursday, from 6:00 – 7:00 PT, hundreds of people participate in #DadChat and discuss current parenting issues and trends. Popular advice columnists, bloggers, and celebrities in the field are often featured as co-hosts and/or participate in #DadChat each week, driving #DadChat’s reach even further.

If you use a #DadChat Sponsorhip you’ll be mentioned during the weekly chat and get a week of publicity by means of blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts and more, depending on the level of sponsorship you choose. Your fan base will grow exponentially with the assistance of #DadChat’s fan base.

@Ford and @GetUnreal have already seen the amazing results that a #DadChat sponsorship can bring and so can you. Several charities also raised money with (non-paying) a #DadChat sponsorship.

Need a bit more than my word? All the statistics and information you could want can be found in the #DadChat Sponsorship Kit. Check it out now to see all what #DadChat can do for you and then contact us and we’ll get you set up as an official sponsor of #DadChat. It’s that easy, so what are you waiting for? Get your social media marketing presence rolling today!