Is IT a Blog, a Column, an Essay, an Article, OR WHAT?

Is there a difference between a blog a column, or an article? I fervently believe so, though I’ve read nothing about it (not that it hasn’t been written). As a fan of the #blogchat TweetChat, which is all about the world of blogging, I often find myself thinking about these definitions. I assert each form of writing is quite different and has its own distinctions. I write all three and am quite aware of their differences (to me). Let’s start backwards with the blog.

To me, when I blog, I follow these general rules. I keep the length between 250 – 500 words. I care less about perfect sentence structure, even grammar, though I always try to spell-check. Again, for me, I like my blogs to be funny whenever relevant. I use colloquial language. I might even swear though generally I avoid that given my “brand” as a parenting writer and radio show host. And, most of all, I have fun. Blogging isn’t work for me. For examples of my blogs, just read some of the “Just A Guy” blogs I used to write for momlogic. There are other samples of blogs there as well.
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Book Report/Review – The GoTo Mom’s Parent’s Guide…”

I was privileged to attend a special book-signing event for Kimberley Clayton Blaine’s just released book, “The GoTo Mom’s Parent’s Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children!”  I did suggest a longer title to her, but she rejected my brilliant idea.

Buy the book from (the link/box just to the right), from Amazon, ANY book store, but buy it now especially if you have young children.

Kimberley is a renowned expert on child-rearing, actually has kids of her own (don’t you love experts on things they know nothing about first-hand), and has created a brilliant new idea called “Emotion Coaching,” which is described in her new book (her 4th, btw).

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Expectations — A Lose-Lose

Expectations. Having them just hurts and disappoints. Maybe have them for yourself, but I’d rather re-phrase them as “goals” rather than expectations.

I’ve had expectations my whole life and they’ve only caused heartache, disappointment, and bad behavior when I lashed out at those that didn’t fulfill MY expectations. Bad behavior that hurt me more than them.

Right now, I’m facing some failed expectations and doing my darndest to not let them phase me or hurt the relationships involved. As you probably know, I have a new Radio Show – “The Bruce Sallan Show – A Dad’s Point-of-View” on Thursdays, at 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., PST on KZSB AM1290 in Santa Barbara. More info on the show can be found on my “Radio Show” tab on my web-site. The radio business has changed and it’s often the second job of the host of a show to help secure sponsors to support and pay for the show. So, I reached out initially to people I’ve done business with over the years and felt were either my honest-to-goodness friends or certainly close acquaintances. One, in particular, I’ve known for 15 years and we’d grown quite close. He’s come through as my first sponsor. However, the other two I contacted have not come through, one way or another.

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