Three Wooden Crosses

I have the joy of living across the street from a beautiful man-made lake. There is always roving fowl and other wildlife in and around the lake and it’s an ideal location for an early morning walk. Often, I listen to music and often I am inspired by ideas along the way. On recently hearing the Randy Travis song, Three Wooden Crosses, I had to write a seasonal column based on its message.

The first time I heard Three Wooden Crosses was at a Randy Travis concert just a few short years ago. The lyrics captivated me and it’s become a favorite song of mine ever since. Country music often tells stories that have heartwarming messages. I’m a sap for that stuff and I love it. And, the holiday season just magnifies those emotions for most of us.

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The Africa Zebras (young girls) Laptop Fund – Please Help!

You all know my story about meeting toys, and more.  The 3rd box just arrived and they were overjoyed.  In the photos they just sent me, they included one of the Internet Cafe they go to when they want to communicate with the outside world.  While I doubt they can get broadband in their small town, there’s NO doubt they could use a laptop or two!

So, I’m launching a fund-raiser, today on my radio show, to raise money for this cause.  Details about who to make out the checks to and the charity will be forthcoming as I need to set this up “officially.” If, in the meantime, you’d like to send them some books, toys, games, and more, please do so to:

Frank Bennin
P.O. Box 719
Agona, Swedru
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