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Quote about paying the bills

I just did my bill paying. Well, I sort of did my bill paying. Over the years, I’ve hated doing bills more and more. NOT because of the expense, though that is certainly an unpleasant part of it, but because of the process. Back in the day, we wrote checks, put them in envelopes, licked a stamp, stuck it on an envelope, and mailed it. How quaint. How efficient.

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@DISH – The Company That Cares! Only About #Dish!

Dish Network

                  Yes, nothing compares! #Sarcasm

Wow, I just got off another one of those customer service nightmare phone calls after going through three operators because their menu options DID NOT include “If you wish to cancel your service!” I’m appalled at the way so many contemporary companies such as DISH care ONLY about their bottom line. Is customer loyalty really that dead and buried?

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Verizon – A Company that does NOT Believe in Customer Service


I know I’m old when I really get nostalgic about so many things. Top of the list is good customer service. Yes, I remember when uniformed gas station attendants cheerfully came out and offered to fill your tank, check your oil and tire pressure, AND clean your windshield. Yes, I remember going into a shoe store where a man in a suit would come out and offer to help. AND, he actually was a professional who knew all about EVERY shoe in the store and took pride in being a GREAT shoe salesman.

The list goes on and on. Today it’s slightly different.

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Dear Time Warner Cable

 time warner cable

Mr. Glenn Britt
CEO, Time Warner Cable

Dear Mr. Britt;

I am writing to you to express some consumer feedback that you may not be receiving. I have been a loyal paying “bundle” customer for several years. We get our Internet service, Cable television, and landline phone services via Time Warner Cable. We regularly pay a substantial fee for all these services. Yet, sometimes these services don’t work and when one goes down, they all go down.

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