Why Do Some Things Go Viral?

Going viral

Have you ever wondered why some things go viral while others don’t? Why one funny baby photo or video will be splashed all over the web and news while another equally funny one will get two views? Well, I have the answer. I know exactly what ingredients are needed to make any photo, video, or post go viral. It’s really quite simple.

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P&G advertising to moms

I’m sure you’ve all seen the P&G (Procter & Gamble) commercials in the Winter Olympics on NBC. “Proud Sponsor of Moms” with all these touching stories from Olympians telling how their moms were so wonderful and supportive. How lovely. I’m sure their dads had nothing to do with their support and those images of dads cheering at the Olympics are just a rare exception.

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An Appeal to David Wise #Olympics #Skiing

Congratulation to David Wise, the first Olympic Gold Medalist in the Skiing Half-Pipe competition. David, we met at Park City just before you left for Sochi. You were so nice and unassuming. I think what you represent as an athlete, husband, and dad is so valuable. Please come on my tweet chat – #DadChat – for just one hour some Thursday evening and let’s inspire others together…email me at: [email protected]

Social Media Social Good: Homeless Yet Hopeful

Homeless manWritten by Edna Myers

Every morning I get up out of my warm and cozy bed. I walk into my fully equipped kitchen to turn on my coffee pot and open the refrigerator to stare at the choices it holds. Nothing looks good and I wish I had shopped for a better selection the night before. I quickly think of how ungrateful I can really be! Why am I obsessing over what I don’t have while I have so much compared to others in this harsh world?

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Crossroads at Work: What’s Next?

Doubt crossroads sign

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in New Orleans, on the 26th floor, where I’m attending a conference about and for dads. A disturbing dream woke me up in the dark of morning as I hear the sounds of train-horns in the distance and know the Mississippi River is lazing by in one direction and Bourbon Street is in the other direction.

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38 Days Without

Addicted to Technology

Writing about going without technology is nothing original, for sure, and I’m not going to re-invent the wheel with this column. However, I am going to share my recent experience going without my iPhone for 38 days. The caveat is that I did have use of my phone for calls on a very limited basis and did receive and make about a dozen in the course of those 38 days.

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