#DadChat from 10,000 Feet

I am staying at a lodge literally in the middle of nowhere at 10,000 feet. We flew to Calgary, took a 7-hour bus-ride to a remote location, and then we were helicoptered to a lodge with another 40 people 10,000 feet up. Wi-fi sort of works here but otherwise we are waaayyy out there. Nonethless, we’ve got a fun new column, Can You Read Your Wife’s Mind? #DadChat on Thursday will be Open Mic and if my wi-fi goes down, I’ve got GREAT #DadChat friends to help with the fun open discussion that is Open Mic! Check out the video from our first day of heli-skiing on that link at #DadChat. What else? Well, next Thursday April 12 we will celebrate #DadChat’s 1-year anniversary with VERY SPECIAL guest, Guy Kawasaki. Do NOT miss it. And, be sure to enjoy the new Because I Said So comic, Dr. Blunder Strikes Again.

Family Fitness, Are YOU a #SocialMedia Addict?

Family Fitness IS the #DadChat topic this week with fitness experts Carla Birnberg and Jacqueline Carly co-hosting! Put on your sweats and join us Thursday at 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST. Are YOU a #SocialMedia Addict is the question I ask in this week’s column. Take the test if you dare! Speaking of #DadChat, mark your April calendar for the 12th when Guy Kawasaki is our very special guest host, in honor of our 1-year anniversary! I hope you’re watching my new I’m NOT That Dad vlogs? I’m having so much fun making them and tomorrow’s is all about exercise – well, sort of. Watch and laugh! Reminder: Stay In the Loop with our weekly newsletter. Sign up on the home page. No spam, just a simple weekly update on our going-ons!

What are You Talking About? & Why Men Need Other Men

New columns include, What Are You Talking About, Are You a Social Media Addict (will be posted tonight), Friends, and Why Men Need Other Men. The newest I’m NOT That Dad blog is called College and it is about sending my 1st born to college. Next up is a funny one about exercising which ties in to this coming week’s #DadChat topic on Thursday, March 29: Family Fitness. Be sure to mark April 12 on your calendar when Guy Kawasaki will be hosting #DadChat. Dad Flys is the current Because I Said So comic. And, today is #FaithSunday on the A Dad’s Point-of-View Facebook Page. Have you “liked” it yet?

Friends, God and Abstinence

What’s new? The current columns on Friends and Why Men Need Other Men. Both are getting a lot of thoughtful comments. Please add yours! AND, this week’s #DadChat – Thursday, March 22 at 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET – is about God and Abstinence, hosted by my radio show’s very own Pastor Drew Sams of “Teen Rap.” He is bringing teens from his church to our chat! Are you Staying In the Loop? That’s our phrase for signing up for our weekly newsletter. Just go to the home page – it’s right there in the middle – and sign up. You will ONLY receive ONE newsletter, each week, with updates on #DadChat, the new Because I Said So, and more. No spam. Short and sweet!

Teens and College, @Josef & @MilasPage on #dadchat

What’s New? Where to begin? We had a GREAT #DadChat last night with @Josepf and @MilasPage co-hosting. Read the transcript of 1,200 tweets! We discussed teens and all the joys – HA – and frustrations there-in. Thursday’s Radio Show also was a great discussion on teens and college, too. I went on a fun rant of sorts in Segment Four about college. The current Because I Said So comic is in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and is beautifully drawn by @VoogDesigns. We will be offering a special caricature offer from VoogDesigns.com soon. Stay tuned. I’m heading to the  mountains to get there in time for a BIG DUMP and maybe some powder!

Dad 2.0 Summit, The REAL Definitions of Those Social Media Terms

What’s New is the Dad 2.0 Summit in Austin, Texas. I’m there, having a blast, with a wonderfully engaging and fun group of 200 people – they sold out. Going to the closing party at the infamous Stubbs BBQ tonight and then taking a midnight flight home! I had such a kick writing The REAL Definitions of Those Social Media Terms for the Dad 2.0 Summit. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! Our 25th Because I Said So comic strip may be my favorite as it’s a tribute to Linus, Peanuts, and Charles Schultz. The 3rd panel is mimicking an old poster I had in my college dorm. #DadChat continues to soar. Stay tuned for this week’s topic with co-hosts @Joseph and @MilasPage.

Opposite Sex Friends on #dadchat, Teens

What’s new? THAT is a loaded question but we’ll save the answer just for things going on here. #DadChat this week veers from strictly parenting and we’ll be discussing the risks/rewards of having opposite sex friends. Opposite sex friends can cause trouble sometimes! The current A Dad’s Point-of-View column is about teens – never a lack of material there, huh? Look for the second I’m NOT That Dad vlog (video blog) tomorrow. Subject is: Thursdays. I hope you like the new design for my website. Please explore a bit and feedback is quite welcome. For that matter, contact me anytime you wish!

I’m Not That Dad Vlog Premiere, Nagging

Today we are premiering the first I’m NOT That Dad video blog aka vlog. It will be a weekly series, appearing each Wednesday. I hope you enjoy. My intent is to make this vlog entertaining as well as offer something of value. Given my background in television, I will also strive for occasionally good production values! #DadChat tomorrow at 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST is about nagging…be there, please? C’mon, mark your calender. Don’t forget. The newest “A Dad’s Point-of-View” column has been generating quite a number of comments as it seems to have touched a nerve. Please add your thoughts to The Risks of Opposite Sex Friends.